Week 3 of Our Real Food Challenge and Feeling Good!

I can’t believe we’re already three weeks into our real food challenge! And at the same time I can’t believe we still have sooooo far to go…

Every day Zach and I run into obstacles and challenges with eating real food but we are dedicated and pushing through!

We have tried so many new things the last couple of weeks. Some have been amazing! And some have been major fails. See all of them right here.

Let’s Start with some some Fajitas!!

Grill up some chicken, red and green bell peppers, and onions on stove top and add some cumin, onion powder, chili powder, salt, and pepper and you’re there! So easy and so yummy. Of course paired with homemade whole wheat tortillas makes it a super duper yummy dinner. Go us!




These Whole Wheat Banana pancakes were my most favorite win of the week!!! Seriously I love them so much I made them twice, which means we ate them 4 times because it makes enough for 2 meals. They were so bananaee and moist and fluffy and awesome! We had them with real maple syrup and I actually liked it this time around. I DID NOT like maple syrup a couple of weeks ago when we were first starting our pledge. But now that our sweet sensors have simmered down, the maple syrup was a super yummy extra flavor to the pancakes. These would also be yummy with the normal kind of syrup too, obviously. You have to try these!!





We. Love. Bacon. Especially when it’s in a bacon weave. What?! Guaranteed bacon in every bite. I’ve never really been into BLTs but I am now! The bacon, plus crunchy lettuce, plus juicy tomato is all around amazing.




Spaghetti and Meatballs; this was 2/3 win 1/3 fail. This meatball recipe was so amazing and so easy. I never knew how to make meatballs but I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to store bought again (that’s not totally true). It was really fun making them and fun seeing my family devour them because of the yumminess. The fail was with the whole wheat spaghetti. It was just super grainy and not yummy. I might need to try a different brand though. I’ve tried a couple different brands of whole wheat flour and there has been some big differences between them. So maybe it’s the same with pasta? I’ll let you know if I find a better brand. Other wise this was a very easy and yummy meal.



This was another sad fail. I was really excited about trying out these pizza pockets instead of just boring flat pizza. But it just didn’t turn out that well. The dough rose way too much in the oven so when I got them out it was like all bread and barely any sauce or cheese. It probably wasn’t the recipe’s fault as much as my inexperience with it. I’m willing to try this one again but maybe role out the dough way thinner and add a lot more filling. Or maybe I’ll make really small pizza pockets that are more like pizza bites.



We did use the same dough recipe for a normal pizza later and it worked soooo great. Loved it.



And last but not least, I have to put another plug in for this salad dressing bottle. We made the honey mustard a couple weeks ago and it’s the best. I use it all the time. Yummy, sugar free, real food salad dressing is a real thing people!

IMG_7187(this picture is before we shook it all up)


If you have any Real Food recipes leave a comment and I’ll try it out! If you are interested in the rules click here.


We are very excited about how everything is going and so surprised about how easy it actually is. Once you start thinking outside the box and gaining new eating and living habits the rest is just yummy!

Hope this is inspiring for you! If you feel like you and your family need a change in diet and lifestyle I would highly suggest trying some real food recipes. It’s really helped me to feel empowered and in control of my life and my body. Saying no to sweets and treats when I usually can’t resist a third or fourth helping is a whole new world for me. And I have to say that I like it.


Happy Wednesday Everyone!