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A couple of Saturdays ago I went crazy and decided to attack my baby girl’s closet and finally get it reorganized. I say RE-organized because I know that at some point it really did look awesome! I’m not a total slob all the time! But after a while, and after she’s gone up a few sizes in clothes (why can’t the clothes just grow with them?) her closet became the sad, dark place where old clothes got dumped. Along with old toys, old blankets, and pretty much anything that I didn’t want to look at anymore. So I jumped right in. It’s like they say, how you just have to rip off that band-aid.

Here’s the problem that I run into a lot, and that I think a lot of you do to. I hate going to walmart or target and trying to figure out what type of storage container to use. Should I get colored? Should I get square? Should I get giant or medium or big sizes? And then comes the cost that can really sneak up on you! All I need is like 5 boxes and at $8-$15 each I get discouraged thinking about spending $50 on plastic, and even though I know it’s for the sanity of my household, I just hate doing it!! (red face mad emoji) So I came up with a solution.

I always have a pile of these…


So I grabbed all of this…



Folded it nicely, snapped my fingers, and voila!



And the best part, is that the boxes are kind of free! I mean they cost like $35 when I get the diapers, but you know what I mean.

A big part of creating a happier home environment for you and your’s is to get organized!

I know it’s not everyone’s thing to be super organized and cute but it seriously doesn’t get much easier than this^

I hope this is helpful! Let me know how you like to organize baby clothes and toys and if this is helpful?

-Happy Thursday!


Baby Clothes



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  2. Hi, it is always great fun to go to shopping for kids. I know you enjoyed this. I really appreciate your thinking and your blogging as well. Love

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