RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS with Friday We’re In Love

We had so much fun on this double date with our friends Jacob and Camille! If you don’t know already, Camille runs the blog, Friday We’re In Love, where she shares amazing date ideas. It is incredibly well-written and inspiring! Not only does she give hundreds of awesome date ideas for you and your significant other, she also has amazing insights on being a wife, mother and all-around wonderful person! We’re so happy we could collaborate/double date with them before we move to Utah! She and Jacob did this date a while back, but we thought it would be fun to do as a collaboration and create a fun video to go along with it. Plus, the world can use as much kindness as possible, especially right now! I hope you enjoy watching this video and that it inspires you to go out and do something kind for someone! If you like this, please give me a thumbs up, comment, share on social media and SUBSCRIBE ( www.youtube.com/Broughington and click the red subscribe button)!!!! Thanks!

Here’s a list of the “Kind Acts” we performed!

Kind Act #1 – Giving Away Cold Water to Pokémon Go Players
Kind Act #2 – Nice Notes on Store Mirrors
Kind Act #3 – Flowers for Everyone!
Kind Act #4 – Free Train Rides
Kind Act #5 – Nice Notes for Target Shoppers
Kind Act #6 – Dollars for the Dollar Corner at Target
Kind Act #7 – Money for a Good Book
Kind Act #8 – Free Movie and a Treat (Round 1)

Check out Camille’s Blog: http://www.fridaywereinlove.com/
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  1. I am new to your page and I love it!! You have an adorable family and I love that your God loving family!! (we are also)

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