Housekeeping Will Never Be The Same Again!

The past couple of weeks I have adopted a new habit that will forever change my attitude toward house keeping! Seriously! I now look forward to folding laundry and cleaning the bathroom, and you’re probably like… say what? Let me tell you, the game changer is a little smart phone app called OverDrive.

It’s the best thing since the vacuum cleaner. It’s a free library book app that allows you to borrow eBooks and audiobooks and download them straight to your phone. FOR FREE! That’s right, NO MONEY NEED BE SPENT TO READ OR LISTEN TO BOOKS YOU LOVE.





Here’s how to get started!

1. Get a library card.

2. Download the OverDrive App.

3. Add your library by clicking on “Add  a library.”

4, Sign in with your library card number and information.

5. Search in your library to find eBooks and Audiobooks.

7. Download the free Kindle App to be able to read eBooks. Audiobooks will upload straight to the OverDrive app and will show up in your “Bookshelf.”




photo 2




So lately, I’ve been listening to audiobooks while doing house work. It has made my life so much happier. Whenever I used to think about folding laundry I would just feel mad and depressed and like my life was a dark pit of wrinkled, clean clothes, laughing at me as I pulled them from the pile to find that some are still wet.

The truth is, we homemakers spend an enormous amount of time doing laundry and other tasks that sometimes seem tedious, but since I’ve started listening to audiobooks while folding and whatnot, I really do look forward to it! It’s now changed from being “house work” time to “me” time. And I think we could all use a little more me time.



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Monday is my usual laundry day (so that I can relax the rest of the week) and this Monday when my husband got home I told him about my awesome day and how I even finished the laundry before lunch and it wasn’t even that bad. And I’m actually just realizing this right now, that I had such a great laundry day most likely because I was listening to a great part of Pride and Prejudice while folding.

You have to try it out!

Even if you’re not a homemaker, if you have any part of your life that needs something better than Netflix or the radio playing in the background, put on a book! During your commute, crafting time, your workout, walks with kids, getting ready in the morning, there are so many times you can fit in a little listening to a good book.

It has for sure helped control my road rage on those days that I’m carting kids all over the place all day. Way better than the same five songs playing over and over on the radio.

Let me know what you think! And please give me any reading or audiobook recommendations you might have.





  1. Love it!!! I love folding baby laundry but not a huge fan of adult laundry… So I’m totally gonna try this! Plus it’ll be perfect for feeding time! Instead of sitting for 45 minutes I can get some “reading” done!

  2. It’s so true! Been listening to Harry Potter for many years while I get my housework done. I’m much more effiecnt when I have something I enjoy distracting me in my ear. All of the Dan Brown/Robert Langdon are good and sometimes I’ll do a podcast to give myself a time restraint. “How much can I get done during this 45 min episode if I hustle?” Happy listening!

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