Gilbert Farmers Market

We’ve known about the Gilbert Farmers Market for a while now and we finally had a Saturday that we could go and see it!

Gilbert Farmers Market

We had so much fun! All the booths had great stuff, the people were so nice and friendly, and one of the best things was the dogs! Everyone had their dogs with them. Our two littles had so much fun seeing all the different breeds and being greeted with friendly nudges and doggie kisses. I’m sad that I didn’t get any picture of all the fun dogs but I did get some of everything else. So take a look!







This honey booth looked amazing! We got some samples and it was scrumptious. We also found a bread booth that had the yummiest whole wheat bread I’ve ever had! We ate almost half the loaf by the time we got home. With our Real Food Pledge coming up it was a relief to see products like the bread and the honey and the peanut butter shown below, that are wholesome and locally made.

Oh man, I am totally turning into a food snob!







So if you’re looking for a fun thing to get you out of your house on Saturday morning, head over to downtown Gilbert, right by the water tower and Liberty Market for some fun booths, dogs, and interesting local produce. They also had a couple food trucks, cotton candy and places to sit a relax. You better hurry though because it’s going to get hot around here really fast!

The address is – 222 N Ash St, Gilbert, AZ 85234

It’s open every Saturday from 7 – 11

Make it a great day!